Sabrina Follo

Sabrina Follo

b. 1997, PHL.


Hey there!

I am a lot of things, but here’s just a few:

designer, dancer, choreographer, hard worker, brass band enthusiast, team player, musical theater dork, foodie, dog lover…



Tyler School of Art
Temple University
Carmela’s Dance Studio
Upper Darby Performing Arts Center
Upper Darby Summer Stage
Philly Youth Theater
+ more


I have recently completed my Graphic & Interactive Design BFA at Tyler School of Art. I can still taste the crepes from the Temple Crepe truck, it is so recent. However, despite my newness to the working world of design, I am eager to jump into the metaphoric graphic design saddle.

While I may not have a lot of professional design work on my resume, I has been designing for years, just in a different medium. I have a broad background in the performing arts and was a dance instructor for 6 years and a choreographer/creative team member at a regional theater for 3 years (what paid my bills in college). The skills I have gained from my years of working in the performing arts are directly transferrable to design. I have worked on a creative team, learning to communicate effectively to create a unified show. I have spent long days and longer nights finessing a dance piece, ensuring that it tells the exact story that it needed to tell. I have managed casts of 80 actors and have learned how to communicate ideas so that every one of them understood what needed to be done. I have guided staging concepts starting as rough ideas on paper to full spectacles on opening night, while keeping the original soul of the idea intact.

I am a lady who works hard and plays hard. I love good food, great movies, and better friends. Whether it be a theater or my own living room, I frequently find myself on some sort of a stage, entertaining those around me with charisma and wit. Again, while I may be young and wide-eyed, I am ready to take on any challenge and prepared to work hard to make your design project beautiful and meaningful.

Let’s create together,